Thursday, October 30, 2014

Marble Run Painting

Dropping paint covered marbles on paper and seeing what tracks they make is always fun. The children realized that the more paint on the marble the slower they moved.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Washing Babies at the Water Table

Our children love playing at the water table and love babies. We thought it would be fun to wash the babies at the water table. We placed clothespins out so the children could wash the babies clothes and hang them to dry. Manipulating clothespins is excellent for strengthening fine motor muscles. 

Scholastic Book orders

Families, a gentle reminder that Scholastic book orders will be due Friday, November 7. If you are purchasing a book for your child as a holiday gift, please let us know and we can deliver it to you in a sealed envelope in order to keep it secret. Thanks!

Musical Visit

Many, many thanks to Miss J. and her special guest her sister-in-law Mrs. Jamrog for a fun music class today. Mrs. Jamrog played the piano and her ukulele for a fun sing along!

The children also had fun dancing along to different kinds of music that Mrs. Jamrog played on the piano! We can't wait to visit with her again!

Shaving Cream Building

Adding shaving cream to foam blocks is a great sensory experience that encourages children to explore. Children notice that the cream can be used as a mortar to hold the blocks together in interesting ways. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Great Alphabet Videos

Families we have been spending much time this week focusing on identifying upper and lower case letters and their corresponding sounds. 

If you would like to watch these together with your child to help support this learning here are the sites. 

Autumn Wordle

Observing the changes happening outdoors is something that has been a great interest to the children. We have also been working on building inquiry-specific vocabulary. In an effort to embed some meaningful technology into our circle time, we encouraged the children to participate in a shared writing activity where we used a website called "Wordle" to create a collection of autumn words. 

The children suggested various autumn words and then we generated the wordle together using the website. The more times the word was suggested the bigger it appeared in the wordle.

Many children expressed an interest in creating additional wordles. Here is the website for those of you who would like to try this activity at home. If your child creates a wordle, please send it in so we can share and celebrate their writing!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Boo Ball

Families a gentle reminder that children are not to dress up in costumes this Friday. If you and your child would like to celebrate Halloween at school our 'Boo Ball' will be this Tuesday from 5:30 until 7:30. Admission is $5. Thanks!

Counting Game

Have border that you no longer need or use? Tape it to a table top, add game pieces and dice and encourage your children to have some counting fun!

Rolling a die...

...and moving players along the game.

Whoever gets to the end first wins!

Spooky Playdough

We added some black food colouring, sparkles, and creepy crawlies to our Playdough center today for some spooky fun!

We are hoping playing with plastic spiders will help some of our children overcome their fear of these interesting creatures. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Custodian Appreciation Day

Friday was "Custodian Appreciation Day"! We are lucky to have wonderful people taking care of our learning environment. To say thank you the children baked them some seasonal sugar cookies and wrote a giant card. 

The children were so proud to present our gift of appreciation!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Online Ten Frame Game

Here's a fun, free online game that helps children practice using ten frames to count. Check it out!

Mailing our Autumn Greetings

Thank you for sending in envelopes and stamps for us to use to mail our Autumn Greetings! The children were excited to put these in the mailbox outside our school this afternoon. 

Just as we were doing so, a Canada Post truck drove past, the driver honking his horn and giving us a thumbs up!  How exciting!

It's not too late! If your child has not yet returned his or her envelope we are planning on mailing more letters on Monday. 

Rolling and Recording Numbers

We invited children to practice identifying and writing numbers using a fun probability game. 

The children had to roll a number die...

...and then record their number on a tracking sheet. 

It was fun to count and see which number was rolled the most. 

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