Saturday, November 22, 2014

Teach Your Monster to Read

A new website was shared with me that looks promising for helping children learn their letters and sounds and then translate these skills into emergent reading. "Teach Your Monster to Read' can be found at If you use this website, please let me know what you and your child think!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Spy Center

Could you hear the buzz of excitement coming from our room? The children have decided to turn our drama center into a spy headquarters! They came up with a plan for how to set the center up. 

This center will open next week. If you have any 'spy gear' we can have it would be most appreciated (e.g., old phones, cameras, sunglasses, notepads).


Who doesn't love Gak? The squishy material acts as a solid and liquid and is so much fun to manipulate!

We made three different colours - blue, yellow, and white. 

It was interesting to see the colours mix into different shades of green!

Gak is an alternative to Playdough and is great for strengthening fine motor skills. Gak is so easy to make. Here is the recipe we followed.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Number Hunt

On a chilly day it is fun to go on a number hunt around the school to search for numbers. We used tallies to record how many of each number we found. 

Bubble Wrap Print Making

We placed some paint and bubble wrap at the art center and invited the children to explore making prints. 

The children painted the bumpy side of the wrap. 

And stamped it on the paper. 

The result was a beautiful mixture of colours and prints. 

Monday, November 17, 2014


It seems like winter has arrived a little early this year! Please remember to dress your child for the weather as we do spend time each day playing outdoors. Snowpants, boots, a scarf, hat, warm coat and mittens that are all labelled with your child's name would be appreciated. Also, please remember that if your child wears boots to school s/he needs a pair of clean indoor shoes. These can be left at school in your child's cubby for your convenience. Many thanks!

Magic 10

We played a fun game today called Magic 10. You need 10 dice and a 10 frame to play. 

Once you have your materials you roll all 10 dice. The number that is rolled most becomes the magic number. 

The dice showing the magic number are placed on the ten frame. This is a quick reference to see how many dice rolled have the magic number and how many more are needed to fill the frame. 

The dice are rolled and rolled until the 10 frame is filled. 

Then the game is won!

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