Friday, April 10, 2015

Dairy Educator!

We had a special visit from our local dairy educator who taught us all about cows, how farmers get milk from cows, and how milk helps our bodies grow strong and healthy!

Binding Books

Our children love to write. This week we have been discussing the role of authors and illustrators and how books are made. We brought in the school binder so that the children could make their own books. 

The binder punches holes in the paper and then gathers the papers into a spine. 

The children were fascinated to see how this interesting machine works. 

Of course once the books were made there was writing happening everywhere in the classroom! 

The children were so proud of their work and eager to read and share their writing with others!

What's there?

There was quite a commotion at our window yesterday. What could it be? Most children stopped playing and immediately came to the window to see!

Our very first visitors arrived to the new bird feeders hung outside our window! 5 house sparrows! We hope that they tell their friends and more birds come by for a snack!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ojibway Field Trip

Families, today your child brought home a permission form for our upcoming field trip to Ojibway Nature Centre in Windsor. In the fall we applied for and were successfully awarded an outdoor education grant which is covering the cost of this field trip for every student (admission to the centre and the bus ride). Your child will need to dress appropriately for the weather as we will be outside most of our time there. We highly recommend you apply sunscreen or insect repellant at home as we are unable to apply these at the school. We welcome adult volunteers for the day. Any adult volunteer is required to pay the $5.50 admission by Ojibway and can meet us at the centre upon our arrival. This money can be sent to school with your child's permission form. We are excited for this opportunity to further our exploration and learning outdoors and thank you for your support of our children and program!

Amazing Writers!

Our writing center was buzzing today!

Forsythia Branches

At our science center we have some forsythia branches that we are forcing to open indoors by placing them in water and in a sunny window. 

Some friends were inspired to do still life drawings and paintings of what they observed. 

We read some interesting books about trees and branches too. 

The children have been very interested in discussing these observations during whole group discussions. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


On a wet spring walk we discovered that despite the chilly weather spring is finally here!

Big Block Water Play

Yesterday our children explored the new animals in water table and engaged in some very creative dramatic play. 

They noticed a problem...there was no land for some of the animals. We wanted to add layers of play to our water so we thought two big wooden blocks would solve both problems. 

The children imagined that the blocks were islands that the animals could live on. The openings provided the perfect spot for some animals to swim through. 

We noticed the different layers and materials greatly enhanced the play. The storylines were richer and the children sustained interest longer. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Experimenting with Sidewalk Chalk

Our children wondered what would happen when they dipped sidewalk chalk in puddles. 

They noticed the water made the chalk dark and thick - like the pastels in our art area. 

The puddle turned beautiful colours too!

Once the puddle dried it also looked like a work of art!

Thursday, April 2, 2015


We welcome Miss Schieman to our classroom! Miss Schieman is a teacher candidate on practicum from the University of Windsor for the month of April. We look forward to working with her!

Rain, Rain Go Away!

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